Hamsa / Evil Eye / Chai Keychain

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Approx. Measurements Key ring + charm L 3.5 in X W 1.5 in Total Length including string 4 in (Measurements may vary)

Hamsa hand symbolizes the "hand of God".
It is a protective sign. It brings happiness, luck, health and good fortune.

Evil eye is believed to provide protection against evil forces.

Chai in Hebrew means life. A Chai is a Jewish symbol which means, “Life.” A popular toast is, “L’Chaim!” which means, “To Life!” Chai symbolizes the importance of the life we have been given, to appreciate life, and the wish for a good life. Chai is made up of two Hebrew letters – chet and yud. Judaism places significance in numerology; the chet is the 8th letter in the Hebrew alphabet and the yud is the 10th letter. Combined, they total 18, which is a number that represents good luck.