Tree of Abundance Silver Tone Necklace

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Approx. Measurements Necklace / cord 18" + extension + charm 1.25" X W 1" (Measurements may vary)

The Tree of Life is a many-branched tree that represents the interconnections of all life on our planet. It is a motif that is present in various religions, mythologies, and philosophies. The Tree of Life illustrates that idea that all life on earth is related and we all have the same beginnings. With beauty and diversity, we are all leaves on the same Tree of Life.

The Tree of life illustrates the idea that all life on earth is related and we all have some the same beginnings, with beauty and diversity, We are all leaves on the same tree of life.

The Tree of life has a variety of meanings which includes knowledge, wisdom, and an insight within one’s self. It is a symbol to obtain focus in a quest to find awareness and knowledge.

The color Silver is considered to be gentle, kind and sensitive. Silver color is considered as ‘cleansing, illuminating and showing the way forward’. It is believed that success comes easily to those who like this color. This may be due to the fact that such people are more open to new ideas and possibilities while being resourceful.